DINE | FAIRMONT VANCOUVER: Notch 8 Restaurant – Old Fashioned Dice Game + Dinner

Fairmont Vancouver – Notch 8 Restaurant and Bar
900 West Georgia Street ,Vancouver, BC
TEL: (604) 684 3131

We had the pleasure of dining at Notch 8 Restaurant in the Fairmont Vancouver the other week and what an experience it was! After being kindly greeted by the Valet and directed to the restaurant, we were shown to our table that couldn’t have been any more private. Designed after a railway car, we sat in complete comfort and shown incredible service by our friendly waitress. We knew that Notch 8 was hosting a “Whisky” theme event but we weren’t sure how it was to be played out. Our waitress informed us of the rules and we were “game” to try!


The “Old Fashioned Dice game” was so entertaining and a great way to try whisky in a new and creative way. How it works was everyone had a chance to roll the 3 die. The red die let you know what whisky brand your drink was going to be made with. The white die pertained to which house made syrup would be included and lastly, the blue die was for which bittered sling bitters would round your drink off. This is what my friend and I rolled; 6 red = Bulleit Bourbon, 1 white = Banana Bread, and 1 Blue = Plum and Rootbeer. She was informed that she was the lucky one as anyone that rolls an 8 in any combination gets their drink for free! Then came my turn. I was unfortunately not as lucky! I rolled a 4, 1, 2 combo which made my drink a Dewar’s whisky mixed with a Banana Bread syrup and a Malagasy Chocolate bitter. A tasty concoction but not free!


Onto dinner! The choices were endless and all so tempting. My friend and I had the hardest time deciding on what we could share as we wanted to try everything. We decided on the Dungeness crab cake to start.


The crab cake was light on the inside and perfectly crunchy on the outside. Set upon the perfect amount of greens, it was the right choice. To follow were the mains. We each ordered one knowing we would share a little of ours with one another. We went to the waitress for a little help with making our final decisions. Fairmont Vancouver’s Signature Prime Rib was a must and did NOT disappoint.


Paired with a crisp yorkshire pudding, smooth garlic mash, seasonal roasted vegetables and a delicious red wine based au jus, I couldn’t eat it all but I sure gave it my all. The other dish that was recommended to us was a light sablefish dressed with a miso butter.


The creamed roasted parsnip, bright broccolini and crisp celeriac slaw added enough to this plate which left us filled but not full. We had a plan…. leave enough room for dessert!


We were generously presented with a PLATTER of dessert choices so that we didn’t have to go through the arduous task of choosing again from their incredible selections. So we had a little bit of everything and hands down, the 12 layer OMG chocolate cake was our favourite!!! We also had the most gorgeous turquoise coloured macaroons, a lemon tart and mini lemon eclairs. Ok, now we were beyond full and gloriously happy. With a small “to go” bag each, we left Notch 8 with great memories, full bellies and a new appreciation for Whisky!


All food and beverages were complimentary and opinions are completely my own.
* Written by guest foodie Eyrely Webber


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  1. frederick Richardson says:

    okay so you’ve convinced me to try the Dice game. Man that is one slab of Prime!! Whooo eeee. I really like how they do the dessert platter and I’m afraid i would be just too tempted to be able to turn down that OMG cake…I would need to cycle 100 K’s to work THAT off. Bahahahah


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