TRAVEL | Helijet

455 W. Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 1 800-665-4354

With many transportation options from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island, Helijet offers commuters, business travellers, and tourists – a fast, reliable, and professional service.  The premium helicopter airline offers daily service to and from Vancouver/Richmond to Victoria, Nanaimo, and chartered flights to the North and South Coast Islands.

It has been several years since I’ve been on Helijet and I was excited to be flying with them again. The 12 seater helicopter is run by two pilots and offers a scenic and smooth 35 minute ride from downtown Vancouver to Victoria.


The Vancouver terminal has plush leather seats and incredible views of the North Shore.


Helijet recently revamped their complimentary food and drink bar, offering an impressive selection of beers, wine, and ciders. They also offer light snacks and baked goods.  During weekdays, Helijet also offers their waiting passengers a choice of hot soups.

The views of Vancouver (above) and Victoria (below) are spectacular!

If you are looking for a fast, convenient, and professional flight option from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island, Helijet is my choice.




Travel provided courtesy of Helijet and opinions are completely my own.


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