Showcase Restaurant & Bar
1122 W Hastings St, Vancouver, B.C.
Phone(604) 639-4040

Showcase Restaurant & Bar is located under the Mariott Hotel in downtown Vancouver. It serves casual West Coast cuisine with locally sourced ingredients and sustainable seafood.
I, with a few other food bloggers, were treated to an elegant eight course meal in the private dining area of Showcase Restaurant & Bar. The meal was prepared by Chef Jesse Hochhausen and sous chef Westly Feist.
The first dish; salt block seared scallop was served with corn puree, chili crumble, corn and poblano hash and cilantro. The delicate scallop was a delight to eat and went well with the subtle sweetness of the corn puree.
Paired with Chambord, champagne, and raspberry sugar.


This refreshing Strawberry Gazpacho and tart gazpacho is perfect for a hot summer day. Made with confit strawberry, fermented strawberry and Showcase’s home grown roof top cucumbers.

Paired with Poplar Grove Pinot Gris 2015.


Tuna Tataki with pea shoots, yuzu “sea foam” and sesame seeds served in a tin can.  What a creative and fun way to eat this dish.

Paired with Poplar Grove Pinot Gris 2015.


Who doesn’t love a box of fresh bread?
House made focaccia and parmesan flatbread, accompanied with Showcase’s amazing black garlic whipped butter. I could not get my hands off this tray ! The black garlic butter was delicious on the breads and not overly pungent as one may think.


Oven roasted halibut with chorizo vinaigrette, English peas, and heirloom tomatoes.

Paired with  Poplar Grove Chardonnay 2016.


Brohme Lake duck breast
with Haruki turnips, fermented and puffed barley and blackberry.

Paired with the Poplar Grove Merlot 2013.


This Nut Fed Pork featured both smoked pork belly and pork loin that was served with farm vegetables, peaches, candied hazelnuts and spiced béarnaise sauce.  The pork was tender and full of flavour.

Paired with Poplar Grove Legacy 2011


The last course of the evening was this eye pleasing Chocolate Eclair.  It was made with chocolate pudding, caramelized banana, and peanut butter chocolate ice cream.
The dishes were all very well prepared and beautifully and uniquely presented. If you’re seeking a relaxing evening out with a great drink and food menu, I would recommend Showcase Restaurant & Bar.

*All food and beverages were complimentary and opinions are completely my own.

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