DINE | e.b.o Restaurant & Lounge

e.b.o Restaurant & Lounge – Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Center
4331 Dominion St, Burnaby, B.C.
Tel: (604) 453-0788

Let me start off by saying that e.b.o stands up to what this acronym stands for; EXPERIENCE BEYOND ORDINARY!!
From beginning to end there were little surprises that elevated each dish to make it extraordinary. For instance we were presented a beautiful berry drink in a champagne flute with lightly dusted fresh berries that accompanied it. What a great way to cleanse our palate and get ready for the symphony of taste to begin. Another little surprise was the flavoured butter that came with the fresh and warm bread basket. Everyone at the tabled oohed and aahed over such a simple but tasty thing. We tried to pace ourselves on the bread as we knew what was coming….seven courses!


Our first plate was the Beef Carpaccio. What made this dish spectacular was instead of overwhelming the taste of the beef with aioli, Chef Pears let the flavour speak for themselves with just the right amount of horseradish aioli in the middle. With a few leaves of arugula and their special triple crunch mustard, this dish stood out as one of my favourite. It was so well balanced from their house pickles and sweeter asian marinade to their crunchy seaweed crackers adorned with freshly grated reggiano cheese. YUM!

Wine pairing: Quails Gate Rose, B.C.


Following the first plate was the Heirloom Tomato Salad. Their is nothing I love more than enjoying fresh ingredients when they are at their best. Paired with the tomatoes was an incredibly succulent stracciatella cheese (baby barrata) and a compressed peach infused by Chef Pears with a white balsamic vinegar/salt/pepper combination. Wow, just wow. To elevate it one more time and balance out the vinegar was the homemade pieces of speckled, sweet almond praline. These were placed delicately in the right places to give he plate a more architectural look.

Wine Pairing: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand


The Local Salmon dish was next and I couldn’t wait to try it. This Ocean Wise piece of fish was so perfectly cooked and juicy I wanted more! It was topped with a lovely citrus hollandaise  that made this dish go from rich to richer! Paired with it was some deep fried bacon and manchego gnocchi and lightly cooked and salted pine nuts. This dish was so pretty as black radishes that were sliced paper thin decorated the plate and brought out the pink colour in the salmon.

Wine Pairing: Inniskilin, Pinot Grigio, BC


We were not done with seafood, thank goodness. Next came the Albacore Tuna that was constructed with a plate of avocado, watermelon and cilantro. Chef Pears designed this plate using differing heights, shapes, colours and textures. It was stunning. This deconstructed sushi roll didn’t include rice for the sole purpose to let the flavours shine on their own. The flavours were complimented by the ponzu sauce that Chef came out to individually add to each and everyone’s plate. It was a very nice touch.

Wine Pairing: Jackson-Triggs Reserve, Sauvignon Blanc, BC


Now onto the meat!!! We were treated to lamb done two ways. Chef deboned this Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chop and left us with nothing but savoury lamb to enjoy. Paired with the lamb was an amazingly colourful and flavourful tabbouleh salad that went perfectly with every bite of lamb. Housemade smoked yogurt balanced and cooled each bite to make every bite spectacular.

Wine Pairing: McLarens on the Lake, Shiraz, Australia


Intermezzo. What is that? It is EBO’s signature way to cleanse our palate by serving us their homemade Champagne Freezie. This sweet, refreshing treat did it’s job and more. I see why e.b.o are known for these!


Now that my palate was cleansed I was ready for what came next. This Chicken Duo did not disappoint. This plate had everything a chicken lover needed. This was one of the moist tender, juicy chicken dishes I have been served in awhile. To balance the tender chicken was crispy, lightly salted chicken skin. What a pair. The carrot/ginger puree was so creamy and delicious I couldn’t help putting it on every bite I took. To make this even more outstanding was the Chef shaving large pieces of truffles all over the plate as he came around explaining this dish. We were so spoiled.

Wine Pairing: Quails Gate, Pinot Noir, BC


And now…..dessert! Peach Millefeuille was served. The almond financier was layered with lovely flavoured peaches and paired with brown butter powder and the most delicious popcorn ice cream. I mean, really? Popcorn flavoured ice cream. I could have eaten a tub of it! But, luckily that was not the end.

Wine Pairing: Warres Warrio, Port, Portugal.

This dinner was so enjoyed by all and with the restaurant’s general manager, Rosa, explaining everything about e.b.o and Chef Pears entering the private room to explain each dish, this meal will not soon be forgotten.

*All food and beverages were complimentary and opinions are completely my own.
*Written by guest foodie Eyrely Webber


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