DINE | HOUSE SPECIAL: Modern Vietnamese Cuisine

House Special
1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, B.C.
Tel: (778) 379-2939

House Special is located in sophisticated Yaletown of Vancouver where they create traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a modern flare. It’s a sister restaurant to Broken Rice and Green Lemongrass.

House Special-2

These delicious Confit Duck FryBread (Bánh Tiêu is a fried sesame hollow bread/donut) is stuffed with greens, five-spice duck confit and lightly dressed with hoisin sauce. These were not overly greasy and had lots of great flavour.

House Special-14

Saigon Steak consist of a New York steak, caramelized nước chấm (fish sauce)  potato, pho reduction sauce and lightly dressed pea tips. The steak was nicely prepared and tender although  I would prefer less of the pea tips.

Hai Phong Squid is deep-fried drunken calamari, served with pickles and slaw. A beautifully presented dish; the squid was tender and a delight to eat.

House Special-13

I might have found one of the cities best chicken wings!  Uncle Hing’s chicken wings were amazing.  They are deep-fried and tossed with a spicy nước chấm sauce that had a slight sweet heat to it.

Twice-cooked crispy pork ribs, tamarind, dried chili jam and pickles.
Pan seared duck breast, roasted beets, Vietnamese pickles and red wine reduction.

House Special-24

Wok-seared shaken beef, dressed greens, served in cast-iron steamed rice. Everything about this dish was exquisite-the beef was nicely seasoned and tender.  However, I found this dish very similar tasting to the Saigon Steak.  If I was ordering a beef dish, I would choose the Shaken Beef over the Saigon Steak.

House Special-25

Vegan pho broth consisted of bok choy, rice noodles, bean sprouts, bean curd skin, avocado, mushrooms, onions, lime, basil, hoisin sauce and sriracha hot sauce. It’s rare to find vegan pho in Vancouver so its great to see that this option is available.

House Special-21

We finished the meal with these beignets that were lightly dusted with powdered sugar.   They were tasty, but seemed to be missing something.  Perhaps some kind of dipping  sauce would work well.

Overall,  the dishes were beautifully presented and well executed. House Special is a modern take on a Vietnamese cuisine with reasonable prices.  I would love to come back and try more of their dishes.

*All food and beverages were complimentary and opinions are completely my own.


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  1. Terrific looking selection of dishes.

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