Kirin Seafood Restaurant – Richmond
7900 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, B.C.
Tel: (604) 303 8833

It all started in 1987 when Kirin Seafood Restaurant opened their first location in Downtown Vancouver. Kirin was well embraced and soon was the talk of the town for the finest Chinese cuisine in Vancouver. Since then, they have opened three more locations across the Lower Mainland including City Square – Vancouver West, Stargate – New Westminster, and Richmond.

I was invited by ChineseBites with a few other local bloggers to sample Kirin’s specialty Dim Sum menu.


This is a must order for Dim Sum at any Chinese restaurant. Steamed prawn and Sakura farmed pork topped with flying fish roe – this was one of the better ones I’ve had at any Dim Sum. The sui mai was juicy, well seasoned and delicious! Good thing we had two trays to share.


Deep fried prawn dumpling served with consommé; well prepared, not too oily and good flavour.


Crispy pan fried pork belly with preserved vegetable in a soft steamed bun; good meat to bun ratio and well seasoned.  I would definitely order this again !


Individually wrapped sticky rice stuffed pork and dried scallop in lotus leaf. The sticky rice was soft and had plenty of meat filling.


This steamed rice roll was filled with pork liver. I never had this before and the texture  from the pork liver didn’t work for me. Next time, I’ll stick to the steamed rice roll with shrimp.


This steamed bun was filled with abalone and chicken. I would love to see more abalone and chicken in the bun as I found the actual steamed bun was very filling. Other than that, it was a decent dish.


Spareribs in black bean sauce with steamed plain rice roll casserole. Oh, this was comfort food all in one bowl for me!  The spareribs were cooked well, and plenty of rice rolls hidden underneath. The black bean sauce that accompanied this dish was perfect; not overly salty and lots of it. This was my favourite dish of the tasting !


Bean curd skin with fish mousse rice noodle roll. The rice roll was thin and the fish mousse was slightly salty.


This was my first time having thisdessert; layers of salted egg yolk and steamed flour makes this Thousand Tier Cake.  I was expecting this to be savoury from the salted egg yolk, but it was actually sweet – a bit too sweet for my tastebuds.

I had a great dining experience at Kirin. They offer many high quality dishes that you would only find at Kirin restaurants. I would highly recommend Kirin for brunch, but I would suggest you make reservations as it is a very popular restaurant.




* All food and beverages were complimentary and opinions are completely my own.

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