STORY | Run, Foodie, Run

“Run, Foodie, Run”

You’re probably thinking, why is this here? It’s not food related…so read on.

About two years ago, I took on a new venture, exploring Vancouver’s food scene and becoming a foodie. I love food and everything about it and I wanted to share my experiences to the world on Instagram.
Little did I know this new hobby would take a toll on my body and mind.

The weight gain came out of nowhere and really hit me hard. Within six months I ballooned to my heaviest point in my life. I wasn’t happy, I had to change something in my life and it wasn’t going to be FOOD.

Perfect Tank by New Balance

After six months of eating out and taking pictures of amazing food, I had gained over 20 lbs.  The weight gain was pretty noticeable and my friends saw how unhappy I was about myself.  They knew how much I loved food but encouraged me to find ‘balance’ in my life. The struggle was real, both mentally and physically. My friends told me to start working out so I tagged along on a few trips to the local gym for boot camp.  Did I say a few trips…after one trip, my body was aching.  I was coming up with every excuse to skip boot camp.  I knew boot camp wasn’t for me but I needed something to motivate me to lose some weight.  My motivation came in a friendly bet with six girlfriends to lose 10 pounds in 3 months.  If I won, they would take me out for dinner and drinks.  If I lost, I would have to take all six girlfriends out for dinner and drinks.

So I picked up what I thought would be the easiest form of exercise; running. I bought a pair of decent runners and off I went.  Sounds easy right?  (cue the boot camp flashbacks) Nope, not one bit.  On my first run, I barely ran 1 km and I was gasping for air. I HATED it and I was ready to give up.  But my friends and my loving husband encouraged me to continue on. Actually, my husband kept reminding me of the bet and didn’t want to see a large dinner and drink bill on the credit card statement.

I persevered and pushed myself; every day I got better and better. I still kept up with my foodie eating but with control and daily exercise.  I started to shed some pounds and I was ecstatic!  After eight weeks of running, I was feeling confident and signed up for my first race.  It was a small 5 km race, but it was “baby steps.”  A year ago, running races wasn’t even in my vocabulary.  My 5 km race, lead me to do another race; 8 km this time. Now, I’m at the point where I’m training for my first half-marathon in August.

Three months came and I surpassed my goal of 10 lbs.  I actually lost over 20 lbs!  With the support of my friends and family, I became an avid runner – something that I never ever thought I would ever be.  Running helped me grow mentally, gave me a source of relaxation, and allows me to continue my foodie hobby. I’m happy to say running is now a part of my life.

nh- edited-4

A huge thank you to  New Balance Vancouver for outfitting me with new running gear in preparation for my first half marathon and Jeanette L. for taking these beautiful photos.

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