Fairmont Pacific Rim: RawBar


Fairmont Pacific Rim
1038 Canada Place, Vancouver, B.C.
Tel: (604) 695-5502

RawBar is situated in the lobby of the Fairmont Pacific Rim and is the first sushi bar in Vancouver that’s recognized as 100% Ocean Wise by the Vancouver Aquarium.  The venue is sleek and modern and the perfect backdrop for Master-Sushi Chef Taka’s beautifully presented dishes.

I was thrilled to have an Omakase lunch prepared by Chef Takayuki (Taka) Omi.  He is an approachable, humble man who creates sushi beyond compare.  As a food photographer I always focus on making the dishes beautiful, but Chef Taka did my job for me.  These dishes were so visually spectacular that the biggest challenge of this luncheon was eliciting the nerve to actually touch and taste the food!  Needless to say, my tastebuds were thankful I was willing to take the leap.


I was blown away by the presentation from the first Omakase dish. Chef Taka gave the illusion of the sashimi floating in an ocean surrounded by edible seaweed. His creativity and eye for detail is outstanding.


Tender pieces Wagyu beef served with deep fried nori, greens and radishes.


Subtle blend of dashi, sweet miso, fresh crab meat and locally sourced clams; this dish would satisfy any yearnings for umami.


Hawaiian Black Abalone topped with Northern Divine Caviar, local Prawns, Pacific Octopus and Tuna served with freshly grated wasabi.
I was blown away by this dish. The sweet abalone worked so well with the salty caviar. The freshness of the seafood allowed me to enjoy the sashimi virtually untouched by the side of shoyu.

I was also told by Chef Taka to use very little of the fresh wasabi on the tuna pieces as the fattiness of the fish would enhance the heat of the wasabi.  So, with that in mind, I only used a microscopic amount of wasabi and I still felt the burn!

Assorted nigiri’s

Uni, Humboldt Squid, Mackerel, and crab nigiri.


The smoky aburi-style sushi adds a lovely element.


I didn’t think I could eat any more until the platter of desserts was presented. I couldn’t pass on this! Everything  was made in-house and was a beautiful finish to my amazing meal at The Raw Bar.

I am so thankful that I was able to experience Chef Taka’s outstanding Omasake.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to have Chef Taka tantalize all of your senses with his beautiful creations.

I would recommend:
Omasake – let Chef Taka create an unforgettable meal for you.

* All food and beverages were complimentary and opinions are completely my own.




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