Ken’s Chinese Restaurant

Ken’s Chinese Restaurant
1097 Kingsway, Vancouver

Ever heard of the Golden Dungeness Crab? Neither have I, until now.  I was invited to a menu tasting by Chinese Bites with a few other Vancouver foodies last week to try a few of Ken’s famous Chinese dishes. Ken’s Chinese Restaurant serves Hong Kong style meals as well as traditional Chinese dishes.

Most Chinese meals starts with a soup, so here we have Fish Soup with Winter Melon & Dried Shrimp.


Next dish to come out is the award winning Golden Dungeness Crab.
The crab is deep fried than tossed with a sauce made of salted duck egg yolk, garlic , butter and Chinese Wine.  The subtle saltiness from the salted duck yolk and the sweetness of the crab was a good combination.


Another award winning dish was the Lobster with Konnyaku in Hot Pot. It was cooked well; juicy, tender and flavourful.


Braised Fatty Pork Belly; wow was this ever tender and delicious! It was love at first bite.


More crab! This time it’s Crab with Garlic & Spicy XO Sauce. A very nice dish but I prefer the Golden Dungeness Crab.


Ken’s Specialty Chicken.


The last few dishes; Malaysia Style Fried Rice, Baked Seafood on Rice, Black Pepper Diced Beef Tenderloin and Pan Fried Chicken Fillet with Spicy Thai Sauce.

Overall a great place – food and service was excellent. I would love to come back and try the rest of the menu.

I would recommend:
Golden Dungeness Crab, Braised Fatty Pork and Lobster with Konnyaku in Hot Pot.

*All food and beverages were complimentary and opinions are completely my own.

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