Yaletown Brunch Crawl 2016

I was invited to my very first brunch crawl by Richard Wolak; I was so excited!

My first stop was at XOXOlat. I was served a shot of velvety smooth hot chocolate. A perfect start to my crawl.



Second stop; Small Victory Bakery.  I had a choice of a hot chocolate or a cappuccino.  The drink was accompanied by a box of assorted baked treats; savory scone, pain au chocolate and apolini. The apollini was by far my favourite.


Third stop; Zend Conscious Lounge (Vegan). I was served a sweet potato pancake with spiced pear, roasted vegetable quiche with red pepper cilantro sauce, sausage and matcha Crepe with seared fruit and a white chocolate sauce.


Fourth Stop; Lime and Moon Pie Company. I was served a chocolate crusted walnut pie and a gluten-free meyer lemon tart. I really enjoyed the lemon tart and I couldn’t tell that it was gluten-free.


Fifth Stop; Vice Nice Cream. I chose the aaffogato. Served with Elysian coffee over Nice Vice non-dairy ice cream.  This was just amazing!


The last stop of the morning; Bella Gelateria Yaletown. I started off with a Brioche bun with smoked salmon and hollandaise, followed by Napoletano Pizza topped with an organic egg, pancetta, fresh basil and mild Italian sausage.  All the food was accompanied with a mimosa. Unfortunately, I found the brioche bun very dry and not palatable.

Overall I enjoyed my first brunch crawl and can’t wait for next year!

All within walking distance
Good variey

Too many sweet options, as a brunch I would love to see more savoury dishes.


*All food and beverages were complimentary


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