Acadian Sturgeon & Caviar at Chicha Restaurant

Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar was founded in 2005 by Cornel Ceapa and his wife Dorina. Cornel is the only person in Canada that holds a PhD in sturgeon biology, which is why he is known as “Dr. Sturgeon.”

Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar offer seafood lovers throughout Canada, the sustainable delicious sturgeon caviar and sturgeon fillets.

I was lucky to be invited to a caviar tasting at Chicha earlier in the week. I sampled a variety of sturgeon and caviar products. I started off by sampling caviar in the traditional way – off the back of my hand. This was my first experience tasting caviar; it was rich and salty in flavour.  If you’ve never experienced caviar, this is the only way you should try it.

Smoked sturgeon crostini with avocado cream topped with caviar prepared by Chicha.

Caviar edited

Smoked sturgeon and caviar aji Causa with avocado and fresh corn, tomato salsa.

Caviar edited-2

Sturgeon caviar served with oyster from Out Landish Shellfish


Sustainable caviar

A couple dishes could be lighter on the salt


 *All food and beverages were complimentary

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